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Web Design and Web Hosting Questions


Just simply send your business details - the who, why, what, and where about your business along with your paypal payment and then we begin to set out the website design and presentation to reflect your business image - you can review your new website online and we then perform a final edit if necessary.

We need a picture of your company logo, and information about your business in the form of text. If you are not sure what to say about your business, we can help you. It's best to start simple, so a general overview of your company suits the opening page of your website. We can go into more detail inside the website itself. A front page that consists of a huge slab of text can be a bit daunting to the first-time visitor - it's best to get your basic message across in a clear, friendly manner. Typically, a main page that has your company logo at the top, and a color scheme that reflects your corporate colors, will set a friendly, familiar theme for the website.

We can provide ideas and examples that complement the existing image of your business, and suggest a suitable layout and design theme, along with informative and logical content.

Not at all: the hardest thing is to find the time to collate some text-based information about your business, we do the rest! We are professionals in helping our clients to develop great websites and we will assist you with all of the technical stuff.

You will need to maintain your Internet account to continue accessing the Internet and e-mail as usual. Your website is hosted on special "servers", and as they are not related to your ISP, subject to our standard hosting fees. Check with your ISP that your domain name registration is not tied to any "hosting" conditions with them.

As soon as you send your complete information, we can have your website up and running in a matter of a week to a few months depending on its size. Most of our projects are completed with in a 30 day period. If you need your website developed faster we can always try to assist you with getting it online as fast as possible.

Traffic to your website can come from three areas: from a search engine listing, from any other website that yours is linked to, and from your own referral to the site. The best method is to promote your website quoting your website address on all stationery, include it all forms of advertising, have a vinyl sticker made for your office window, and the most powerful way of all - telling your clients and customers about it! A great way to tell your clients and customers your website address is to e-mail it to them - then they are only one click away!

You can email us your logo and photos or you can mail them to us on a cd. We require our clients to provide us with digital files only. Send us your scanned letterhead with a nice company logo along with your staff photos, or whatever images you would like to appear on the site - "If I prepare information on disk, what file types are acceptable?" For written material, a "Word" document, or a plain text file is fine - we re-format the text as required, so most word processing documents are acceptable. For images, the standard image types such as: .jpg. .png .tif .psd .gif and the like are all acceptable.

Your website is "hosted" on an external "server". If people access your website through the Internet, they are viewing the site as it exists on the server.

Yes, we can come and see you, but travelling expenses always apply. An easier way to have your website built is to complete our easy online form. It asks all the questions we need to begin building your website. Complete it, send any other necessary information (images, logos, brochure etc) by e-mail - and we do the rest!

Your only commitment is paying the website hosting fees quarterly or yearly, in advance in order to maintain your website on the internet. If you want to have updates and additions made to your website we will generate a seperate proposal for each service we provide.