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This is our blog about web design, SEO, web hosting, ecommerce, Joomla web design, Wordpress, search engine promotion, social media marketing and much more.

Web Hosting Services

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Building a website is one thing, but what is the best, and most secure way to host that website for the world to see? How fast do you want your site to be presented? How many visitors are you expecting? What kind of tools do you want your site to have?

The answers to the questions above should not only help you determine what kind of web hosting your web site requires, but it can also help you succeed with building the best possible site you can accomplish. Web hosting is the process of choosing how your website will be presented to the world and there are a lot of way to host your site. It can be done for free, with limitations, or can be at a cost with unlimited possibilities.

Web Design

Three major steps are required to host your site

Web hosting is where you choose how your website will be presented to the world. It can be accomplished with limitations, or you can pay for more root access. Web hosting will allow you to have space for you to install programs and run your site.

Different types of web hosting services include

Free Web Hosting Service - Offered by online companies with limitations. Usually accompanied with advertisements. This type of service is very simple with very little choice of a Domain name. However, if you plan on having a lot of traffic or using this site for business use, I would not recommend using a free hosting service. It can be dangerous for your company’s privacy and won't be sufficient enough if you plan on having actual traffic.

Shared Web Hosting Service - Web hosting on the same servers as other sites; generally, from a few sites to hundreds of smaller ones. With a shared server it is typical that the websites use the same pool or server resources. Utilizing the RAM and CPU across any different web sites. Because of this the sites are limited to software and sometimes even updates. The format and programing for all the sites are typically the same on a shared network. Also keep away because everything is being shared across the servers’ load time and storage space may be limited, which is crucial when looking to create a successful website.

Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting - This allows the website client to become a web host themselves. A reseller is more dedicated to the websites they are overlooking. Reseller hosting is where a reseller sells added services, usually providing web design and management services for the client. This way the hosting, management, design, and/or completion of the site is handled mostly by the reseller. This is typically the best option for people looking to build a professional site. Generally, the web host repackages many different services and sells them whole. This allows anyone to buy a full package deal for a web site design, saving them time and money.

Virtual Dedicated Server - It is technically both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This is when you rent an entire server. It’s needed for people who have very high traffic to their websites or who need to set up a server in a very specific way. Resellers usually work though a VDS.

dedciated web hosting

Dedicated Hosting Service - This service allows the customer full control of the server, with root access. Typically, the user doesn't own the server, making the client of the server responsible for security and maintenance of that specific server. This is usually a less costly option, but requires more work by the user.

Managed Hosting Service - This type of service doesn't allow the client to have root access to the server, disallowing them to change root commands or programs so that the provider of the server can guarantee quality of service. The user won't be able to change configuration settings or have the ability of modifying the server. This service is typically leased to the client.

Cloud Hosting – A fairly new form a of hosting platform that allows the user to host their site remotely on a platform that is paid for the space used versus paying for a determined amount of space. A cloud based site is considered more reliable because cloud hosting is decentralized. Unfortunately, however this type of service normally doesn't show where the data is being stored, potentially creating privacy or security concerns.

Site files

These are files the customer will have loaded onto your computer through your hosting server to complete the look of the website. These files will almost always be in standard format, like JPEG and MP3. Also includes the PHP script and/or html files. It is important to keep the site files organized so the server doesn't have to go through too many files to build the page. If it's not organized the server won't be able to send the information as quickly as it should, making your customer waiting longer which is one of the main reasons customers leave a site.

Also keep in mind that depending on the hosting server you must watch your storage cap. You don’t want to fully load your site because it will be slow and won’t be able to gather more information. This is the last thing that you would want as it would look very unprofessional.

Domain Names

Computer communicate using IP addresses to contact each other. Every site has a specific IP address to identify them correctly; kind of link a phone number. The Domain Name of the website acts like a contact in your phone. When you type in the website name into the browser correctly, it will identify the IP address of that website allowing you to visit the page.

Without a Domain Name clients will have to access your site strictly though your IP address; which is typically not a good idea. Luckily professional web designers can help you set up a Domain name to match your company name so you can be easily found.

Web Hosting

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Social Media Intergration

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Social Media Intergration

Major social media sites like Twitter, Linkedin ,Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and even StumbleUpon are one of few who are almost always the top stake in search engine results. To have a successful web page generating clean traffic daily for your business is imperative in today's business market to have proper social media integration. Social media matters when it comes to SEO; liking, sharing, posting, and linking a page to your site can potentially boost traffic and sales. Not only due to the fact that people can now easily post your site on their social webpage, but because it also gives you a better ranking with search engines as well.

Unfortunately, however, Google has claimed that their algorithm ignores such social signals. This is due to the fact that most sites do not have complete control over fake accounts and the rankings based on that account; meaning someone can pay for more likes/followers and potentially have their social webpage more valuable than yours. However, other search engine providers; like Bing and Yahoo!, do claim that their algorithm's do in fact look at social ranking and it plays a big deal to them.

However, this is not the only reason why it is important for SEO to oversee social integration.

Things to look at in social integration

Social Sites are a great way to get the word around

Most people may not search your specific keyword in a web search, but they can run into your social webpage. This is now a world of social media. Advertisement can be free, and it's all done through social integration. So many people have social webpage’s. Many of those people are on browsing, scrolling, and searching all the time. It doesn't cost anything but time for you to share a post to the world. It can be seen by hundreds, or even thousands if done right. One thing to remember is to have links from your site to your social webpage and links from your social webpage to your site.

Social media sites also give you an option to add a way to contact or find your business. This is good because most people will very likely look off of Google or Facebook for a way to find you.

Most social sites have a built in search engine

Not only that but most of all major social media sites have their own custom results and sometimes can show results straight from Google. This is why it is imperative to make sure everything posted is worded correctly and there is enough information displayed immediately to the reader on that social webpage. Using keywords used on your website is also important as it will boost your social webpage ranking. This will help your site rise to the top as well.

Facebook has about one billion searches per day done in the search box. One of those searches with your keyword can potentially bring a customer to you. The more times someone is sent to your site from a social media webpage it boosts your credibility with that site and can potentially bring you to the top of that keyword result.

At this point it is acceptable to assume that hashtags (#) are considered very important when a website has a search engine that utilizes hashtags.

Creates a relationship with the consumer

Having a social media background for your site is very important, and could be the main reason for your customers arriving at the site. Most traffic will have a more personal level with a specific company just because of the posts and the way the company is socially integrated into the social community. Most people believe social media is the best way to contact or brag about a product or opinion.

Customer ServiceIt is important to gain more followers. Search engines scan constantly to see if you’re keeping links social pages up to date with fresh content. It’s not good to have low-quality followers (Followers paid for) as you’ll not only get penalized by the social engine, but also on the search engine as well. Make certain to have a constant gain of followers. Also it is important to interact with your followers and encourage them to share your post.

What if they have a good relationship with your company?

Word of mouth is the best type of advertisement. Not only is it free, but it works. People are more inclined to work with a company if someone they spoke to about the company/product has a positive review towards it. For instance; a person is more inclined to want to know more about a specific product if their friend recommended them to it verse if you walk up and tell them a summary about it. It's just how the world works, and with appropriate social integration consumers can see reviews, find customer support, buy products and spread the word with no extra cost to yourself.

Customer Relation

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What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process to put your name into the world. High traffic through search engines will show your intentions, making your site more reachable and on the top of search engine results; which in turn gives you more traffic. Someone can look at SEO like a popularity competition. The more popular, and attractive your site is to the search engine, more likely you'll be on top.

Search engines such as GoogleBing, and Yahoo have specific algorithms that rank your site according to other sites in its field. The better your site follows the algorithm, the better it will do on search engine results.

5 Things are important when looking at SEO

  • Search Engines

    Words matter - When a search engine reviews your page it scans every word. The most popular words are the titles and subtitles. Make sure not for forget about headlining the titles. For every site, article, page or blog, there is specific keywords. The keyword are words a search engine uses to identify your site when that words is searched by a user. You can spot a keyword by looking at the most popular words of that site. Create a ranking for your keywords and use the ones on the top first. The search engine also scans to make sure the site is easy to read for the reader. Also, it is critical that you do not use the keyword too much as it will make the site look like spam to the search engine.

  • Titles matter - Search engines pay a lot of attention to the title; because it should represent what that specific page is all about. The title should be easy to see, and very closely describing what it represents. Always try to include the keyword, it is essential.  

  • Webpage links - Links matter. Having other quality sites linking to your site looks like a recommendation to the search engine. Not only do links on other sites help yours, but putting links on your site to a mature, more popular site can help deliver more traffic.

  • Words in links - Make sure to include in the link what that specific link is about. Not just random link that brings the user back to your site, as it will look like spam.

  • Maturity - Some sites that have a consistent record in new and expanding content may be considered a mature site, making it the most popular when it comes to search engine results. 

It doesn't take a lot to be SEO compliant, however it does take a lot of time, and your site may not be on the top without professional help. With professional help your website can look clean, be on the top of search engine results, and turn in customers for profit.

SEO content must be relevant for the reader. It can't be complicated to read just because you want to be compliant. Putting too much keywords wont only make your site look like spam, but it will cutler your readers mind with the same word making the reading more stressful then it should be.

Don't forget about spreading the word of your site on social websites. Social websites have high churn, so the more the site is shared, the more likely to be higher on search engine results.

Social Media Sites include

  • FacebookSocial Media
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus+
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • YouTube


SEO is the most important tool to get people to discover and utilize your website. Not using proper SEO management can forge your site into a mess and can block you from getting the full potential of your site, and in turn, your business.


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All About Web Design

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web designHaving a website is very important if someone plans on expanding, and showing professionalism. Most people determine within the first 4-6 seconds if they want to stay on the site or not. It's imperative that the site works smoothly, looks sleek, and is easy to navigate through. Web design is time costly, and with professional help, your site could be on the top of search engine results. Having your site on the top of search engine results is essential to a successful website.

Before moving on, here are some answers to common questions about why someone should have a website and why it's important for a professional to build one for you.

 Why is having a website important?

  • Promote business 
  • Market products
  • Sales
  • Runs 24/7
  • Convenient
  • Trust
  • Builds impression

Why is hiring an experienced professional web designer the best route for you?

  • Professional tools
  • Less stress
  • Compatibility with latest mobile devices
  • Reliability
  • Faster website
  • Professional first impression
  • More likely to show on google (SEO)
  • Saves time
  • More affordable then you think

Five key components come to play when looking at how a website should be designed.  

exclamation markTriggering Attention 

Most of the time the best thing for a website is something that triggers the reader’s attention - whether it be a logo, color scheme, photo, or unique user interface. This way, the reader is more likely to remember the site, one day coming back to it. Triggering attention also helps with making the reader stay once they've entered your site.

Usually, a logo is the what has to come out as most attractive on the site, and it must be presented multiple times. The color of the site should represent the logo; you don't want a tacky site. Many people use simple words for a logo, if one hasn't been created of you yet, our professional design team can make one for you.


Content is anything that fills the site. Content not only fill's the website, it providers the reader with the information they come for. A step from filling the site, it makes it look more immaculate and persuades the reader that you may be superior. You don't want content to overfill the page however, it can overwhelm the reader and force them to leave. Using images will help fill space and make the site look better. Content has to be placed in a position that is comfortable for the reader to scan through. Following standard websites are advised.  Most website go by standard three column design, but sometimes it's harmless to step out of those boundaries. Professionals can easily step out of those boundaries. Making your site on top of the list.

Content to avoid in a website

  • Lack of color
  • Simple logo
  • Flashing
  • Popup\ad overload
  • Funky font
  • Slow reaction speed
  • Inability to search content
  • Unstable content position
  • Boring design


A site must be molded around the combination of content and a trigger. Colors, content position, images, and the header relates the presentation. The first presentation of the website must be brilliant to the reader, so it is more likely to be remembered and viewed again. As I stated in the beginning; a typical reader decides within 4-6 seconds if they want to stay on that specific site or not. Some sites have a first time introduction, but sometimes it can be irritating to the reader. However, having tags and helpful hints to help the user navigate through the website smoothly. Our professional team cover everything needed to build a website perfectly.

Crucial layout components

  • User Interface
  • Color
  • Logo
  • Speed
  • Filling content


The flow of the website very important. The reader must have a search tool, and a context menu to overlook all the resources the website offers. The flow process must be speedy, and without error. If a customer is presented with too many errors, or if the website is running slowly, they are more likely to leave due to distrust in the website. Remember, the site directly represents the company\organization. Professionals know how to best organize a website to work effectively for any user, on any device. Making the site mobile and tablet friendly is a necessity, due to the increasingly number of people using mobile devices to surf the web. It also makes you look more professional, because only updated sites have this feature.


tatem web promotion

 Most people don’t find websites through local advertisement anymore (however it is still effective). Most advertisement is through search engines. SEO (or Search Engine Optimizations) is guideline rules set by a search engine provider to identify the site better during a search. The more SEO guidelines the site follows, the higher the site will be on the list; which, in turn, increases traffic and business. However, because SEO is changed prosaically, the site has to be optimized accordingly. Our professional web team knows how to update your site every time SEO changes, and sometimes with can be done inexpensively.

 Build Value

The website builds value with the readers. Due to it directly representing the company/organization it represents, if the flow is smooth, errorless, and presents itself correctly, the reader is more likely to utilize the service they went directly to the site for. This creates trust within the reader, making them more likely to return for that same very service. In turn it creates rapport with the reader, and the reader is likely to speak out about the website and its services.

What you don’t want

  • Busy or complex layouts
  • Pop-up advertisements and flamboyant ads
  • Small print that’s hard to read
  • Boring web design/lack of color
  • Slow website intros and load time

Ultimately it's important to have a professional help you build, or optimize your website to today's standards. These are just the basics of the web design world. Surly this can help you understand the importance of having a website, and more importantly making sure that site is monitored by professionals. Otherwise it can cost a lot more time, and money; which could potentially be bad for you, and your business.

Check out some sites done by Tatem Web Design on this website, under Portfolio.
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Improve Conversions by Increasing Shipping Options

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When you’re looking to improve conversions, the first place you think to begin probably isn’t with shipping options. But statistics don’t lie and according to consumers, 93% would make more purchases online when given free shipping.

And shipping benefits don’t stop there. In fact, offering varied shipping options gives you the ability to increase average order value and create lifetime customers out of customers that may otherwise purchase only once and never return.

So, are you ready to learn how to structure your shipping options to make a difference for your eCommerce store? Let’s dive in.

Choose Options That Encourage Customers to Shop

Not all promotions are created equal, and this includes shipping promotions. And while your customers love shipping options, you must offer the right options to generate sales.

For the best results, you should choose options that encourage customers to shop, including:

Free Shipping – If you can offer a permanent offer for free shipping on orders of a certain value, customers will return and shop again due to this predictability. Tiered Shipping Options – Don’t just offer basic shipping. Offer two-day, next-day, and other options when possible so customers can receive their merchandise according to their schedule and needs. Free Return Shipping – Free shipping is great but with free return shipping you eliminate any potential risk in purchasing the product. In fact, 2 out of 3 shoppers say they would purchase more online if returns were free. Just make sure you carefully outline return policies so your own offer doesn’t work against you.

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Options

All too often, eCommerce storeowners hear that they can improve conversions with shipping options and take things too far. By doing so (and over-complicating how your shipping options work and how much each costs), you’ll send buyers searching for alternatives (i.e. your competitors).

When you list out the options on your website, you should outline each option as clearly as possible. Don’t include times on your shipping cost chart. Instead, just include the costs, the timing, and the destinations. Doing so will give customers a hassle-free way to understand what they will be paying for shipping before they ever get to the checkout page.

Get Your Promotional Messaging Right

No customer will know that you offer free shipping or other shipping-related offers if you don’t make this clear on your site. As a result, you must put your shipping promotions in highly visible areas to make sure no customer misses the discount and moves on to a competitor as a result.

You may want to make graphics that communicate “Free Shipping on Orders [insert amount]+” or “Free Shipping on Your First Order!,” amongst others. No matter what you do, make it big and bold so it can’t be missed.

Make Shipping Options Work for the Benefit of Your Business

Shipping options may seem like a straightforward part of what you have to offer customers but it’s much more than that. And by creating offers like those mentioned above, you can make sure that shipping always works for the benefit of your business.

Need additional assistance with your shipping options or creating other offers that increase conversions? Contact the team at Adonis Media today to discuss a customised conversion rate optimisation strategy that delivers on the goals for your business!

Key Takeaways

By offering free shipping, tiered shipping options, and free return shipping, you will convert more customers on your site. Don’t overcomplicate your shipping charts! Include costs, destinations, and timeframes to make each buyer’s on-site experience as straightforward as possible. Create promotional graphics in key areas on your site so all customers know what they must spend for free shipping or how to qualify for other shipping discounts.

Do you use shipping to increase conversion rates? Which methods have worked best for your business? Share your own story in the comments below!

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